Located at the foot of the Nanshan Mountain in Jinhua, Zhejiang province, Zhejiang Jiahua Breeding Pigs Co., Ltd. was a joint-stock enterprise restructured from Zhejiang Jinhua Breeding Pigs Farm(which was founded in 1953). Our company is 13 kilometers away from the downtown with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. The entire farm covers a land of 1100Mu(1 Mu equals roughly 666.7 square meters), including a building area of 93,000 square meters, and has 200 employees in total, among which are 38 people holding a degree of college or above, 20 people holding intermediate or senior titles, thus possessing a strong technical force.

Our company has a total assets of RMB 487 million, with complete and advanced supporting facilities. We have established research institutes including Zhejiang Jinhua Pigs Research Institute, Zhejiang Agricultural Enterprises Science and Technology R&D Center, Artificial Insemination Laboratory, and Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory as well as Sewage Treatment Center and Organic Compound Fertilizer Factory; meanwhile, we are equipped with introduced advanced automatic determinator for the production performance of breeding pigs, ultrasonic tester for lean percentage of live pigs, pregnancy diagnosis instrument, and KFNets.

The Jiahua breeding pig brand we build was named the Famous Brand in Jinhua. Our Canadian Yorkshire pigs and Jinhua pigs have won the golden prize of Zhejiang High-Quality Agricultural Products, and were titled as Zhejiang Famous-Brand Products and Famous-Brand Products of China International Agricultural Exposition. In the breeding pig measurement organized by Zhejiang Breeding Pig Measurement Center, our Canadian Yorkshire pigs have won the champion of comprehensive performance index for 8 years in succession.

Our company is the National Key Breeding Farm, National Protecting Farm for Jinhua Pigs, National Modern Industrial Technology System for Pigs- Jinhua Comprehensive Experimental Station, National Demonstration Farm for Standardization and Scale Breeding, and Zhejiang Provincial Leading Agricultural Enterprise.

In 2011, Zhejiang Jiahua Breeding Pigs Co., Ltd. offered RMB 120 million to incorporate Jiangsu Jiahua Breeding Pigs Co., Ltd., which is located in Siyang County in Jiangsu province, with a covering land of 1668Mu, RMB 500million investment capital, and total building area of 230,000 square meters. It went into operation in 2015, with 12000 base sows, and 210 employees, among which are 65 technicians. We adopted the most advanced point distribution design principle in north America, and authorized U. S. Grains Council and Tsinghua University to co-design. Our base breeding enjoys the following features: stage-separated breeding, all-in-all-out breeding, open environment, filtrated air, energy-saving building, automatic breeding, and water-efficient. We produced over 100,000 qualified breeding pigs and more than 200,000 commercial pigs every year.

We actively promote modern business management philosophies and rules. With corporate goals and management principles of “Professional, Featured, Excellent, Contributed” and strengthening the building of corporate culture, all our staff shall carry spirits of dedication and forge ahead together to contribute to the development of breeding pigs.

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